Industry Requirements

Industry Requirements :

In order to be considered for “Industry” registration and receive complimentary entrance to this year’s convention, individuals will need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Individuals must be part of the creative process (i.e. artist, musician, voice actor, etc.) and/or be an executive (CEO/CFO/COO, director, lawyer, etc.) working in the fields of anime, manga, Japanese culture (fashion, video games, movies, music, etc.), or Japanese-related American entertainment (music, movies, video games, fashion, etc.).

2. Be in active employment or have worked in the last six months with a major industry company that is recognized as a production, licensing, post-production, or marketing organization.

3. Present a business card with stated company name, individual name and contact information and matching recent company pay-stub. (We apologize as we cannot accept business cards without printed contact names due to illegal replications.)

4. Present a valid picture ID upon pass pickup. (U.S. Driver’s License, passport or credit card with photo)

5. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age by July 3, 2014


Each company will receive maximum of ten (10) complimentary industry passes for employees that qualify under the industry criteria. Additional passes can be purchased at the event or in advanced, for a discounted rate of $55 for a 4-Day Pass.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of retail (i.e. salesperson, store manager, etc.) and office administration & support positions (i.e. assistant, accounting, data entry, IT, etc.), these positions do not qualify for complimentary industry passes; however they may register as a professional badge.

All passes are subject to the convention review process.

Individuals who wish to apply for “Industry” admission should complete the Online Industry Pre-Registration Form and bring the required documents listed above to the convention.

To be considered for pre-registration, you must submit your online application by June 16, 2014.

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