Professional Requirements :

In order to be considered for “Professional” registration and receive discounted entrance to this year’s convention, individuals will need to fulfill the following requirements:

1. Individuals must be involved in the fields of anime, manga, Japanese culture, or Japanese-related American entertainment (i.e. fashion, video games, movies, music, etc.) or be involved in retail positions (i.e. salesperson, store manager, etc.), office administration/support (i.e. assistant, accounting, data entry, IT, etc.) or another non-creative positions for a major industry company.

2. Be in active employment or have worked in the last six months with a major industry company that is recognized as a production, licensing, post-production, or marketing organization.

3. Present a business card with stated company name, individual name and contact information and matching recent company pay-stub. (We apologize as we cannot accept business cards without printed contact names due to illegal replications.)

4. Present a valid picture ID upon pass pickup. (U.S. Driver’s License, passport or credit card with photo)

5. Individuals are required to pay $55.00 for each professional badge requested.

6. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age by/on July 3, 2014


Those that submit for "Professional" registration will receive a confirmation of receipt of application via e-mail and will then receive an "Approved Professional" e-mail to be placed on the "Professional" admission list.

Those that have received an "Approved Professional" email prior to the convention will be able to obtain their Industry Professional Badges and packets at the registration location.


Individuals that choose to register on-site will be required to provide a valid business card, current paycheck, and picture ID. Individuals may register during the convention as "Professional" in the South Hall Lobby at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the Industry/Professional registration booth.

To be considered for pre-registration, you must submit your online application by June 16, 2014.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of requests all guest pass requests are being denied due to the high volume of industry & Professional attendees. Please register your guests through the general public registration online or on-site in the South Hall Lobby.

The SPJA & Anime Expo reserves the right to revoke or deny access regardless of prior approval.

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